Daytime view of near-identical single family homes in suburban neighborhood



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How Do I Sell My House Fast In Manchester NH?

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“ I was having a hard time financially the bank had threatened to foreclose on me I had some equity in the house since I had owned for sometime, I reached out to Anne and she helped sell my house fast,I got some money to pay what I owed the bank and still had some change to go start a new life. ”

Lisa. [Nashua, NH ]

How We Make Our Offer

We use a very simple formula to arrive at the house value.

Offer Price=( After Repair Costs- Repair Costs-Selling Costs-Holding costs- Profit)

Example 1:

Assume your friend is selling a car, you know this car would fetch you $10k Once you fix it pp. You buy it from them at $8k, you estimate it to cost $1k to Refurbish it, then ADD in $1000 as your Profit Margin.

Its That Simple!! Its Not Rocket Science!!

Example 2:

Let’s look at an example: Your neighbor Mike recently sold his 3br 1ba house at $300k, after repairs and upgrades. Assuming your house is the same in size as that of Mikes’, if you wanted to sell that house today we’d assume an ARV of $300k.

To arrive at your offer price we’d take: ARV(After Repair Value- Repairs-Selling/Holding& Advertising costs-Profit)=OFFER

($300k-Selling costs/Holding costs-Repairs- Minimum Profit)= Your Offer

Learn the Terms And What They Mean

Yes,Yes I get it too much jargon…….so let’s go over it.

What is ARV?

It is After Repair Value-this means the value the house will be worth after all repairs and fix up have been done and complete.

What are holding costs?

Holding costs are costs that we incur during the repair period, remember fixing a house takes time could be between 3-12 months depending on the scope of work, during that period will need to have to pay property tax, insurance, water bills, electricity bills, maintenance costs.

What are Cost Of Repairs?

Cost of repairs include costs of materials used in the repair, example would be new cabinets, vanity, vinyl-floor tiles, new windows together with the cost of labor in installation.

What are Selling Costs?

We buy houses without agents, however, when it comes to selling them after fixing them we use an agent we have to pay closing costs, agent commissions, and also advertising costs, these are all costs you don’t have to pay when you sell the house to us.

What is Minimum Profit?

Yes, this is a business like any other, and we wouldn’t be to stay in business paying contractors, buying houses, paying plumbers and all people who work in our team to make it a success. We need to make a little profit to stay afloat ,our business model focuses on making more deal with minimum profit instead of less deal with huge profits.

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What Happens Once I Accept The Offer?

The Closing Attorney Will Prepare The Paper Work,You Will Choose A Convenient Closing Date. On The Day Of Closing,We Will Both Sign The Transfer Documents,Handing Over The Property To Us,Intern You Will Collect A Certified Bank Cheque.

We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Offer For Your House.

Don’t Worry About The Condition Of The House, We Buy You Everything.We Buy houses for Cash within the greater Southern New Hampshire, Manchester,Keene, Nashua.

We buy the houses in AS-IS condition,we do not use banks,real estate agents or inspectors, we strive to make the whole process much simpler.

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